About us

About Us:

Company History

After working for a site contractor in Ephrata Pennsylvania for six years, Lyndon had a desire to start a business venture as an independent contractor. In May 2006 we purchased a 1987 Caterpillar 627E twin engine “ Double Barrel “ pan to offer services as an owner/operator in the local construction industry. This service included subcontracting to his former employer and other prominent commercial and industrial site contractors in the Chester/Lancaster/York County region. Double Barrel Excavating, Inc. has since developed into a full service site contractor but bulk earth moving is still one of the core services we offer.

The recent major growth of the Pennsylvania poultry industry has produced a high quantity of NPDES permitted sites and has been an integral part of our growth as a company. In 2016 after 10 years of operating in Lebanon County, a family decision was made to relocate to Mifflintown Pennsylvania in Juniata County. Prompting that decision was the opportunity to relocate the business to a more central location of our coverage area. We are now located centrally between Harrisburg and State College but our approx. 100 mile service area radius extends into most of Pennsylvania and still includes a high concentration of projects in the Lancaster / Lebanon / York County region.

Mission Statement

It is our personal commitment to honor God who created all things. It is also our collective desire to meet the needs of our customers with ethical business practices that reflect that commitment and to provide resources that benefit our employees, customers, company and community.

About Us:

Lyndon & Kara Martin

Lyndon was raised on a farm in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania on the rural Texter Mountain. Learning farm tasks and operating farm equipment at an early age helped to inspire the pleasure of “digging in” to the task at hand. Plowing fields and picking up rocks off the mountain land before seed preparation was probably the foundation of future “ dirt work”. Although farming is no longer one of his responsibilities, Lyndon still enjoys the pleasure of digging in to the task at hand. Lyndon's current working position is Project Manager/Estimator and is also responsible for the varying aspects of running the family business.

Kara was raised on a poultry farm near Ephrata in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Kara helps with the finer details of accounting and enjoys being part of the family business.